How To Make Reading a Regular Habit

Do you like reading? Maybe yes, maybe no. Well, if you’re like many people who don’t like reading, this article will help you to learn how to make reading a regular habit.

1. Picking a Regular Time to Read – Ideally some time that you have available every day of the week. This will be your hour, your 30-minutes, your little reading break.

2. Reading Every Day – “Every day or not at all.” This is something that is said a lot in regards to habit building. The reason for this is that just one day off can get you into old habits again and out of the roll you’ve been on.

3. Starting with Great Books – If you are looking at a question like this you likely have a reading list. Start off with the best book on that list, the one that excites you the most, so you get that extra bit of motivation to start this habit.

4. Keeping it Effortless – The amount you read should be something that you can do even on a busy or bad day. There is no reason to go overboard right away. You can always increase the time later.

5. Having a Set Place to Read – Ideally, a comfortable chair or couch, but a place where you do not sit for other reasons. If you do not have one then at least turn your chair around. This small trick will link reading to a physical sensation that makes it much easier to get started.

6. Start Today – Do not wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is a long, long, long way off.

7. Do not fret about a missed Day – It is not about how consistent you are with it but how many hits you get in a certain time frame. If you read 300 days out of the year with irregular breaks and no long chain, it will still be better than a single 100 day chain of reading days.

8. Read for You – Read because you enjoy it, because you love to learn or simply because it is a good habit to pick up for your life.

Enjoy your reading!

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