Third Term Examination on Agricultural Science

Objective Test
1. … crops are crops whose stem or leaves produce sap which may be used as gum or coagulated to form rubber.
A. Latex
B. Forage
C. Oil
D. Gum

2. … crops are underground stems which are enlarged to store food in form of carbohydrates.
A. Spice
B. Cereal
C. Tuber
D. Cash

3. … crops are grown for the purpose of making our environment beautiful.
A. Halophyte
B. Drug
C. Ornamental
D. Food

4. Which of these is not a factor of production?
A. land
B. capital
C. labour
D. computer

5. … are crops used to add special taste or flavour to food.
A. Spice
B. Cereal
C. Fibre
D. Maggi

6. … crops are used for making medicines or for their stimulating effects.
A. Root
B. Drug
C. Ornamental
D. Herbal

7. Animals can be classified based on the following EXCEPT
A. size.
B. habitat.
C. colour.
D. sex.

8. Animals that lay eggs are called
A. mammals.
B. reptiles.
C. ruminants.
D. birds.

9. Terrestrial animals are animals that live in/on
A. land.
B. water.
C. air.
D. trees

10. Aquatic animals are animals that live in/on
A. land.
B. water.
C. air.
D. trees.

11. The following are reptiles EXCEPT
A. lizard.
B. snake.
C. goat.
D, hen.

12. The following are aquatic animals EXCEPT
A. fish.
B. rat.
C. oyster.
D. turtle.

13. Any plant that grows where it is not expected to grow is called
A. weed.
B. seed.
C. parasite.
D. tares.

14. Weeds are used for the following EXCEPT
A. to prevent erosion.
B. to feed farm animals.
C. to transport farm produce.
D. to prepare manure.

15. The following are methods of weed control EXCEPT
A. mechanical method.
B. religious method.
C. chemical method.
D. manual method.

16. Animals raised mainly for milk are called
A. dairy animals.
B. broiler.
C. milky animals.
D. poultry.

17. Chemical method of weed control is the use of
A. pesticide.
B. herbicide.
C. hoe.
D. insecticide.

18. The removal of weak and excess seedlings after germination is
A. Thinning.
B. Dressing.
C. Weeding.
D. Replacing

19. The top layer of the earth is called
A. rock.
B. ice.
C. soil.
D. plantation.

20. Agriculture provides man with the following EXCEPT
A. diseases.
B. medicine.
C. food.
D. cash.

Answer only three questions.

1. What are the side effects of chemical method of pest control?
2. Mention 4 unique characteristics of land.
3. List 3 Agricultural uses of land.
4. Mention 4 characteristics of labour.
5. Mention 4 characteristics of Capital as a factor of production.

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