How to Write a Good Paragraph

A paragraph is a distinct section of a piece of writing, which comprises a group of sentences that come together to develop one main idea. In writing, a new paragraph is usually shown by the use of indentation, or a line space in the block format. You should always use the same method in a piece of writing. If there are five paragraphs, there are five main ideas.

Topic Sentences

The major idea of a paragraph is usually expressed in a topic sentence. The topic sentence is therefore the one in the paragraph that expresses the main idea. It may appear in any position in a paragraph, but it is usually best to make the topic sentence the introductory sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. This helps the reader to know at a glance what the paragraph is all about. It also helps the writer to know what to include in the paragraph without deviating from the topic of discussion. Then, when the topic sentence is written, every other sentence coming into the paragraph must help to develop the main idea.

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